5 Hot Holiday Hair Trends

The holiday season is here! If your weekends are booking up with holiday events faster than a Ferrari in the express lane, you are probably in need of some hair inspiration. We are here to help.  Check out these five sleek trends for snazzing up your hairdo.

Go Retro

We love these simple retro styles that Eva Longoria, Zoe Deschanel and Jessica Alba recently sported. Just break out the hairspray and tease away!

Bring on the Braid

Molly Sims breathes new life into this trend by adding a cute side pony and some curls to her locks.  Start with a deep side part for the braid and gather hair at the nap of your neck into a pony. Add some curls at the ends for some texture.

Add a Little Bling

Who said Cleopatra is the only one who can rock jeweled headgear? You can add some bling to your do with glitzy hair jewelry just like Nicole Richie. Create some boho waves and you are good to go.

Pile it on Top

It seems like all the Kardashian sisters know how to work the high piled bun. This look is elegant and easy. Just gather all your hair it a high pony tail, twist and secure with pins. You can even add some extra hair extensions to give the bun more volume.

Classic With a Twist

The French Twist never seems to fall out of style and always adds a touch of glamour to your look. Watch this video to create your own classic French Twist.

What’s your favorite holiday hairstyle?

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