Stylist Interview: Get to Know Amanda & Kamiko

Patrick Taleb Salon is proud to present two new stylists, Amanda Goodman and Kamiko Kravitz. We’ve asked them some questions so you can become acquainted. Get to know them even further by booking an appointment with either stylist and the salon will offer a 30% savings for that service!

When did you first realize you wanted to become a stylist?

Amanda: I always wanted to be a stylist.  As a little girl, I would go to the salon with my mom and enjoy watching the hairdressers work.

Kamiko:  I first realized I wanted to do hair when I was 18.  My best friend’s mom is a hairdresser and would come home from work, talking about hair and how good she made her clients feel.  That’s when I knew that I wanted to make people feel that way too.  I already loved to experiment with my own hair and make-up, so I figured doing it for others could only be easier, and it was.

Where did you study hair?

Amanda: Boca Beauty Academy

Kamiko: Aveda Institute of South Florida

What is your favorite part of your job?

Amanda: What I like most about my job is the smile on my client’s face when I finish their color.

Kamiko: As a stylist, I favor lots of services that are part of my job, but I mostly enjoy the confidence and satisfaction that my clients feel when leaving my chair.

What is your greatest strength as a hairdresser?

Amanda: My greatest strength as a hairdresser is my ability to get clients out of their comfort zone and experiment with new techniques.

Kamiko: My greatest strength as a stylist is in color, because I’m fascinated by the way color enhances a haircut or just a style.  I also enjoy mixing and creating new shades –that has become a passion of mine.

What are your favorite products to use on clients right now?

Amanda: My favorite products to use are our Kerastase treatments.  Each one targets a specific hair concern and the results are incredible.

Kamiko: Living in South Florida with the constant humidity, my go-to product is serum.  It is perfect for shine, frizz control and taming of hair.  I am currently hooked on Mythic Oil by Loreal Professional.

What is your favorite hair trend?

Amanda: My favorite hair style would be the Victoria Secret Sexy Look.  I just love flowing, bouncing curls.

Kamiko: My favorite hair trend is braids.  Braids are fun and versatile.  They can be worn Bohemian style to the side or for a more put together look, as a French braid.  There is a braid for every occasion

Do blondes have more fun?

Amanda: I have been blonde, brunette and a red head and I think women have the most fun in the color they feel most attractive.  For me, it would be auburn.

Kamiko: Everyone’s heard the saying “blondes have more fun”, but I’ve personally sported different hair colors and always had fun!

To book with Amanda or Kamiko, give us a call at (954) 389-4600. Remember, you will save 30% on services booked with either stylist!

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