Bad Hair Habits to Break in 2012

Every Year, the number one New Year’s resolution is to be healthier. We thought we’d add a list of bad hair habits that you should break in 2012. After all, when you have healthy hair, it reflects a healthy, balanced life.

  1. Over-Shampooing – A common habit that women is they feel like they have to wash every day to get rid of oil. Shampoo, however, can strip your hair of essential oils that it needs and will dry out. Try washing only when absolutely necessary or use a dry shampoo between washing days.
  2. No Heat Protection – Everyday use of hair tools that straighten, curl and dry your hair cause breakage and dryness. Even just exposure to the sun can damage our locks. Always use a serum to add a layer of protection between your hair and direct heat. We suggest using Kérastase Elixir Ultime which acts as a 3-in-1 protector.
  3. Mistreating Wet Hair – Your hair is most susceptible to damage when it’s wet. Roughly brushing or twirling hair when it’s wet can cause it to frizz or even break! Make sure you gently comb your hair when it’s wet; it will thank you later.
  4. Tying Too Tight – Pulling your hair back too tightly can cause thinning around your edges. The act of tying your hair back damages hair follicles. Avoid breakage by using silky hair ties or the Ouchless headband by Goody.
  5. Neglecting Maintenance – Getting regular trims (at least ever 6-8 weeks) and deep conditioning treatments in between color can keep your hair looking fresh and healthy all year long. Keep up with your appointments by scheduling your Patrick Taleb Salon visits ahead of time. You will be more likely to keep an appointment that is made in advance.

Bonus hair habit: Sleeping on a satin pillow can benefit all hair types. The pillow causes less friction, resulting in less breakage and frizz. A silky pillowcase also helps with extending the life of your hairstyle so you can go longer without washing.

Which hair care habit are you looking to break in 2012?

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