Winter Hair Color Trends

Even though it doesn’t feel like winter here at Patrick Taleb Salon in Weston, Florida, to most of the rest of the country, it does. So what’s the hair color trend this season? We’ll explore four looks that will keep you looking cool this winter…even if the weather doesn’t!

Ombre Hair Color

This celebrity hair color trend is still going strong and we don’t expect it to slow down in winter 2012. If you’re not familiar, Ombre is a two-toned transition between brown and blonde with the roots being darker than the ends. If you are a bold, hip chick then this hair color trend might be right for you.

Red, Red Wine

Not only is red wine delicious and healthy (in moderation), it makes for great inspiration for winter hair color.  If you’re brave enough to go for red, we suggest a light burgundy color this winter season.

Warm & Toasty Brown

Warm hair colors look great on skin that has yellow or orange undertones. Warm brown hair has noticeable golden and subtle red undertones.  It can range on the color wheel from chocolate to caramel and looks amazing with blue or green eyes.

Light & Bright

The trend for blondes this winter is to keep their hair tones light and bright. A more natural looking platinum blonde is not only gorgeous, but has also been known to turn heads.

When it comes to color, there is a something for everyone this winter and we hope we’ve inspired you to experiment. Our hair color specialists at Patrick Taleb Salon are ready to create your favorite winter look!

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