How to Make Your Salon Blow-Out Last

Have you ever wished that your Patrick Taleb Salon hair stylist could come to your house every morning and give you a fresh blow-out? If so, we might have the next best thing. Here are some tips and tricks on how to extend the life of your professional salon blow-out!

  1. Keep Your Hands to Yourself: By avoiding touching your hair, you eliminate the risk of distributing oils. While you’re at it, avoid brushing too! This will increase the time between shampooing.
  2. Keep the Products at Bay: This is a little known fact that helps extend the life of your blow-out. After your professional blow-out, simply ask the stylist to not put product in your hair and don’t use any at home. Products can attract dirt and oil, so avoiding them will increase the time between shampooing!
  3. Shower Cap: The steam from a hot shower is the #1 blow-out killer. Utilize a fabric-lined shower cap instead of a plastic one. It will protect against frizz and keep your hair better protected from the water.
  4. Touch Ups:  The hair closer to your face seems to get dirty more quickly than on the rest of your head. If you must, dampen the front and blow-dry to keep the whole style looking fresh or utilize a dry shampoo on the roots to stretch it out even longer.

Bonus tip! Sleep with a satin pillow; it will protect your hair while you sleep. According to, satin isn’t absorbent so it allows hair to breath and retain its natural moisture. The silky surface allows hair to slide over the pillow, preventing it from breaking and tangling.

We hope you enjoy these tips.  How long does your Patrick Taleb Salon blow-out last? Let us know in the comments below!

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