5 Beauty Stories You May Have Missed

We wanted to keep our Patrick Taleb Salon readers up to speed on the latest tips and tricks to maintain your beautiful self. We hope you enjoy this round-up of the best beauty articles this month.

  1. Is There Any Way to Reverse Hair Loss? The Beauty Brain blog does a great job of compiling a list of the best treatments out there to reverse hair loss. The article also mentions some out-of-the-box ways to prevent it.
  2. Demi Bob New Beauty Phenomenon? Hair on the Brain blog does a great job of showing the latest examples of the hot hair cut trend, the demi bob. Check out the cut that “Vogue declares the demi bob not just a hair trend, but a beauty phenomenon.”
  3. Guide to Split Ends Have you been trying to grow your hair long but haven’t noticed a change? This article breaks down the different types of split ends and how to retain your hair growth.
  4. Hair Color of 2012 Did you know that hair color trends come from the interior design world? That explains how this color of 2012 is “reddish-orange-tangerine!”
  5. Hairstyle How-to: The Hottest Oscar Hairstyles A Mom in Red High Heels blog does a great job of breaking down the most glamorous looks from the Oscars.  And as a bonus, the blog also gives a guide on how to get the look.

What beauty questions are on your brain? Let us know in the comments below.


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