What is Ombre Hair Color?


Lauren Conrad : Allure Magazine ‘11 : blonde ombre

We’ve had many clients here at the Patrick Taleb Salon here in sunny Weston, Florida ask us “What is Ombre?” You may have noticed that tons of celebs have caught on to the trend including Giuliana Rancic, Jessica Biel, Sarah Jessica Parker and many more. The French term known as Ombre is a two-toned hair color process. Think “color-blocking for your hair” and not “overgrown roots”. The look is darker at the top, near the roots and gradually gets lighter towards the ends.

The hair trend started way back in 2010 when Drew Barrymore first started rocking the look. Today, it’s still going strong. The website, Hello Beautiful, suggests “In the warmer months, shoot for lighter, more vibrant shades and in the winter months, choose cooler, more ash tones.” Here are some pros and cons to pulling off the Ombre look.


  • This low maintance style means less trips to the salon for hair color
  • The look is sexy in an edgy, rocker kind of way


  • People may mistake your hair for long grown out roots if it is not done properly

If you are looking for a unique, new hair style for spring, we say go for it! Let us know if you would ever go “Ombre” in the comments below!


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