How To: Hair Styles for Women Over 40

In honor of all you moms out there and fabulous ladies over 40, we’ve compiled some flattering looks for you.  Patrick Taleb Salon wants to help you find the right cut & color to enhance your beauty in the prime of your life.

  1. Bangs are Your  Friend: One of the problems some women run into as they age is a receding hairline. Bangs can not only help with this problem, they also cover up wrinkles. Who needs Botox when you’ve got bangs!
  2. Give Your Hair Tender Loving Care: Taking proper care of your hair is more important than ever. Mature hair tends to become dull and using the best products will help alleviate this problem. We suggest using Keratase Age Premium products to help mature scalps with their customized blends to protect fibro-porosity, loss of density and dry scalp.
  3. Lots O’ Layers: The old adage that women over 40 cannot sport long hair has been thrown out the window. If you are comfortable and prefer long hair, go for it! We suggest adding luxurious layers to give your hair movement and it’s a great way to soften facial features.
  4. Color to Dye For:  If you’re going grey, lightening up the color is always better than going super dark, which can be aging. According to “Dark-skinned and olive-skinned women can choose from a variety of colors. Choose from burgundy, brown or blond, but make sure that whatever color you choose, it flatters your skin and makes you look radiant and vital…not washed out.”
  5. Consult with a Trusted Stylist: There are so many flattering cuts to choose from: bob, shag, blunt; the options are endless. If you’re unsure which direction to choose, consult with your Patrick Taleb stylist. They are trained to know exactly which color and cut will keep you looking at least 10 years younger!

Have you found the perfect over 40 hair style? Let us know in the comment below!

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