Olympic Hair How-To

We don’t know about you, but the Olympics are consuming our time these days and we’re loving the athletes’ styles! Over the years, there’s been a number of memorable styles…Mary Lou Rettin anyone? These days, it’s required for the gymnast’s hair to be pulled away from the face. We’ve broken down the gymnast’s best choices for an Olympic hairstyle worthy of the gold!

Good Ol’ Ponytail

Definitely the most popular and certainly the easiest style to pull-off, the ponytail is a surefire way to keep your locks tucked away. Start with damp or wet hair as it is easier to slick back. Most gymnasts secure flyaways with stylish bobby pins or clips. Finish the pony with a touch of pomade or gel to secure the look.

Perfect Pineapple

According to EHow.com, to do it, make a series of small ponytails on the front row. Then split each ponytail into two sections and feed them into the next section.

The creator of Sports Girls Play describes another style, the Modified Pineapple. “Basically you part the hair like you are doing two standard ponytails. Then divide each side into six sections, criss-crossing the entire ponytail into the next section of hair. Secure the back into a ponytail, and curl the ends if desired.”

Beautiful Bun

This popular ballet style also works perfectly on the gym floor. Since virtually all your hair will be pulled off your face, you will not need to worry about it when it comes to the competition. To spice things up, some girls add a touch of sparkle spray to add some bling.

Who has your favorite Olympic style? Let us know in the comments below!

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