Quickest Way to Change Your Look

If you feel like you’re stuck in a hair rut, don’t stress it. You don’t have to do something drastic like go platinum blonde or chop off all your locks. You can completely change your look in 30 seconds or less just by switching up the part! We all have a “natural part” and to find yours just simply brush your hair back while it’s damp. Push down on the hair to see where it naturally parts.

The easiest way to change your part is to start with damp hair and use the end of a comb to make a line where you would like the part to be. Blow-drying the hair with the new part will help it stay in place, as will styling products such as hairspray.

Here is some inspiration from Patrick Taleb Salon & Spa on the best places to part.

Deep Side

For a more dramatic and sexy look, the deep side part is the way to go. Keep in mind, this look works best with very straight hair.


This classic part is perfect for those with heart-shaped faces. It certainly was made popular by the likes of Cher in the 1960’s, but it continues to be a trendy way to wear your hair.

No Part

It is possible to have no part at all! The look is achieved by simply slicking all your hair back and not revealing a part. It will take some major blow-drying and hair products to achieve, but definitely worth the effort.


Why not try something really fun and different with a zigzag part? This can be great for a night out or even to emphasis an elegant updo.

The best part about switching up your part? You can always change it back! Let us know your hair parting stories in the comments below!



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