How To: Clean Your Hairbrush


How To: Clean Your Hairbrush

As the end of summer approaches in Weston, Florida, we here at Patrick Taleb Salon & Spa are continuing to feel the heat! All summer long, your hair takes a beating with sweat, oils and humidity. This can create build-up on your beauty products.  Hair brushes are often traps for all of the above plus dust and dirt. Things can become gross pretty fast. As an added bonus, having a clean hair brush will result in cleaner, shiner hair.

  1. First, begin by removing all the loose hair strands that have accumulated in the brush. You can use a comb, pen or a pair of scissors to gently guide through the bristles and pick up the hair.
  2. Fill a bowl with warm water and add a few drops of your favorite shampoo. Place your brush in the bowl and swirl around for three to four minutes.
  3. Take your pen or comb and slide it through the brush one more time to pick up any leftover hair and dirt.
  4. Give it one last rinse under warm, running water.
  5. Once your hair brush is clean, you can blow-dry it or place the brush upside down on a towel to get all the moisture out.
  6. Enjoy your clean hair brush!

To avoid build up, we recommend cleaning your brush once a week. This ensures you’re removing all the hair and grime.

Do you clean your brush every week? Let us know your routine in the comments below!

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