Four Reasons to Add Bangs to Your Look

This fall, bangs are back on trend. Lots of celebrities have been seen rocking freshly fringed bangs including Selma Hayek, Jessica Biel, Demi Lavato and Taylor Swift. No matter your age, face shape or hair color, we here at Patrick Taleb Salon & Spa can help you find the perfect bang for your buck! Here are four reasons why you should consider cutting bangs this season:

  1. Bangs Add Sophistication Just ten minutes in your stylist’s chair can create ten times the sophistication to your look by adding drama and interest to your style.
  2. Bangs Flatter Everyone Don’t let someone tell you that bangs aren’t for your face shape. The only rule for bangs is keeping them straight and flat. Once you’ve got that down, anyone can rock this style.
  3. Bangs Can Update Your ‘Do If you’ve been sporting the same style for an expending period of time, it may be time to consider an update. Bangs are much less of a commitment than a treatment like highlights and far less expensive!
  4. Bangs Hide Imperfections If you’re unhappy with the size of your forehead or perhaps you want to cover some unwanted lines, bangs are the perfect concealer for all your forehead woes.

Not sure how you’ll look with bangs? You can always ask your Patrick Taleb Salon stylist how you can get fake frontal fringe. And remember, bangs should never even be attempted at home!


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