Top Five Best Hair in Politics

Election Day is right around the corner. A fact that is impossible to ignore here in South Florida where each day seems like a barrage of political ads, mailers and phone calls. We won’t talk politics here at Patrick Taleb Salon but we will talk about what we know…hair! We’ve got our picks for the best  political hair.

Michelle Obama

Michelle is known for her fashion sense which includes mixing high and low end designers. Her good style sense doesn’t stop at her clothes; Michelle really knows her face shape and what cuts really work for her.

Mitt Romney

Love him or not, there is no denying he’s got a good head of hair. Mitt has that salt and pepper color mix down pat, giving him the distinguished politician look.

Sarah Palin

There was almost as much talk about Sarah Palin’s looks as there was about her politics. Her polished coif and pristine highlights land her on our best tressed list.

Hilary Clinton

We love Hilary’s natural looking honey hair color. But we do have to deduct points for her choice in hair accessories which include scrunches, hair bands and clear plastic clips!

John & Jackie Kennedy

John and Jackie were style icons of their time and that includes their hair. John’s iconic side-swoop hair was very popular in the 1960s and Jackie’s bubble cut could be seen on many women at the time.

Which politician has your favorite hair? Let us know in the comments below.

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