Find Your Perfect Kerastase Treatment for Your Hair Type!

We here at Patrick Taleb Salon are big fans of Kerastase products and we carry a full line in our salon boutique. Even more special, for only $35 we can customize a Kerastase hair treatment to your specific hair type. With all the damage we do to our hair during the holiday season, this is the perfect way to keep your locks fresh and nourished. Here are a few of our favorites!

Kerastase Specifique Masquargil Cleansing Treatment

This powerful cleansing treatment is created specifically for oily hair. This treatment thoroughly dissolves dirt and grease while leaving your hair light, bouncy and full of life!


Kerastase Age Premium Re-Substance Treatment

With age, hair can become less dense, dry and thin. This Kerastase treatment is the first of its kind to revitalize hair by using essential ingredients to reinforce mature hair resulting in stronger, more manageable hair.


Kerastase Resistance Volumorphose Treatment

This treatment was created for fine or damaged hair. It transforms hair, leaving it with tons of texture, shine and durability. The results can last up to 10 shampoos!


From now until December 14th, we are giving away one of these Kerastase treatments when you refer your friends on Facebook to Patrick Taleb Salon! Winning is easy: click here to sign up!

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