Golden Globes 2013: Celebrity’s Best Hair

goldenglobesThe Golden Globes were definitely a hit this year! And, Hollywood’s A-listers sure showed up to the occasion. Between the glamorous dresses and the beautiful faces, the red carpet featured some of the best overall looks we’ve seen this award season.

But, no look is complete without the perfect hair. This year’s Golden Globes showed a variety of hair styles, and our stylists here at Patrick Taleb Salon are already recreating the best looks of the night.

We’ve got our top 5 picks for the best celebrity hair from this year’s Golden Globes:

Jessica Alba
Many celebrities of the night went with a side-parted hair style with loose curls, but Jessica Alba did it best. Her hair and makeup was soft, and it was stunning. Plus, her ombre is one of the most talked about in Hollywood. To get this look or hold softer curls like these, try Kerastase’s Double Force finishing spray.

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway was flawless with her perfect pixie haircut. This shorter style looks effortless, and the rich brown color was just right to complement her skin and eyes. This look is also easy to achieve with Mousse Substantive from Kerastase.

Julianne Hough
We could not get enough of Julianne Hough’s textured faux hawk. She stayed away from a safe “up-do” and added some edge to her look, while still maintaining the Hollywood glamour we love to see on the red carpet. For added texture to your hair style, spritz some of Kerastase’s Volumactive spray to your roots. It makes a huge difference!

Kerry Washington
This simple and sleek hair style made Kerry Washington a winner at the Globes. Her highlights are subtle, and her silky strands made for the perfect blowout. Not to mention, we love the fringe! For extra shine and smooth ends, apply Kerastase’s Elixir Ultime to your hair after blow drying.

Kate Hudson
A number of celebrities at the Globes this year stayed away from typical updos, and went with a more natural look. Kate Hudson made our list for her long, bouncy blow dry and her beautiful blonde hair. With this style, less was definitely more! For frizz-free hair like Kate’s, apply Kerastase’s Nectar Thermique to wet hair before blowdrying.

Who do you think had the best hair at the Golden Globes this year? Let us know in the comments below!


Top 5 Foods for Healthy Hair

Foods for Healthy Hair

Sweet Additions

Great hair doesn’t only come from using great products, like Kerastase or L’Oreal at Patrick Taleb Salon. Having healthy hair starts with your diet and the foods you eat.

According to WebMD, the nutrients you eat help strengthen the scalp and the hair follicle, which is where each hair strand is born.

While other factors such as smoking, lack of sleep and hormonal imbalances do affect your hair, eating a balanced diet that is rich in protein, including these 5 super-foods (from WebMD) will help make your hair noticeably healthier and stronger:

Salmon: Not only does salmon contain protein and vitamin D, which help to strengthen the hair, but the omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon also help increase hair growth and keep your scalp hydrated.

Walnuts: Walnuts also contain omega-3 fatty acids. Plus, they are filled with biotin – which helps with hair loss! If you don’t color your hair, the copper mineral in walnuts also helps keep your natural hair color rich and vibrant.

Sweet Potatoes: The vitamin A created by your body from eating sweet potatoes helps create the oils that balance the scalp. If you suffer from an itchy scalp or dandruff, this is a good natural way to nourish your hair.

Spinach: The iron in spinach is what makes this food a winner on our list! Iron helps cells carry oxygen to the hair follicles. And the lack of iron, which can results in Anemia, often causes hair loss in women.

Blueberries: The good old vitamin C found in this super fruit help to keep the hair follicles strong. Eat lots of blueberries if your hair is weak or brittle, or if you notice a significant amount of hair breakage.

Bonus: Remember, hair is almost 97% protein. Without enough protein in your diet, your body can’t grow enough to produce the amount of hair you lose daily, and can cause the hair that does grow to be dry and weak. So above all, make sure you eat plenty of protein; such as: chicken, fish, eggs, soy and beans.

What foods do you eat to help strengthen and nourish your hair and scalp? Let us know in the comments below!

Hair Extensions: A Celebrity’s Best Kept Secret at Patrick Taleb Salon, we have a ton of clients looking to have the latest red carpet hair in Hollywood, or the long, voluminous locks sported by a number of celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian and Kelly Ripa.

But, there’s more to these hairdos than a great hair stylist, and celebrities don’t often reveal the secret behind their gorgeous locks. Hair extensions have become Hollywood’s best kept secret, and this trend is becoming more and more popular here in Weston, Florida.

Check out these 4 ways celebrities are using hair extensions to enhance their looks, and how easily you can use clip-in extensions or semi-permanent ones to transform your hair:

  1. Add Body to Limp Hair: Your hair may be long, but lacking volume and fullness. Adding hair extensions to your long locks can create texture, layers and body. Try clip-in extensions to liven up your hair for a night. Or, for longer-lasting extensions, an in-salon tape application using an adhesive method is safe on the hair and can help with the appearance of thinning hair.
  2. Fake Bangs: Not sure if you’re ready to cut off your hair to have a specific look? No problem. Clip-in bangs have been seen on celebrities, like Jessica Alba, Katy Perry and Halle Berry. This trend lets you have fun with fringe and change your entire look without taking a scissor to your hair!
  3. Achieve the Perfect Up-Do: Some styles require thicker, or more hair to accomplish. If you have a formal event, and want a fuller braid, or a bigger bun, adding some extensions beforehand can add the oomph you need to create a more dramatic look for your hair.
  4. Grow Out a Bad Haircut: Once in a while, you may come across a haircut you just don’t like. Whether it’s just too short or too flat, extensions give you the option to cover up the look while your hair grows out. They are especially useful when you’re trying to grow out a bob during that awkward in-between phase of growth.

If you’re interested in getting hair extensions, Patrick Taleb Salon offers both semi-permanent tape-on strip and mirco-ring extensions made from human hair to give you the perfect look you want to achieve!

Do you love a celebrity-look? Let us know in the comments below.

Top Travel Tips for Your Tresses

Gwen Stefani Hair

‘Tis the season for holiday travel which can lead to rushed holiday hair days. Between the dry air on planes, wintery conditions and bed head syndrome, your hair can take a beating during the peak holiday travel season. We’ve seen it all at Patrick Taleb Hair Salon and are sharing our holiday travel tips with you!

Knotty List

Keeping your hair in a high knot at the top of your head is not only totally on-trend, but it’s an easy way to avoid adding oils from the headrest to your ‘do. Also, when you arrive at your destination and take the knot out, your hair will be full of volume!

Pony Up

A low, side pony is the perfect low-maintenance choice for an on-the-go style; especially if you don’t have the time to wash and dry before you take off. Keeping it low and to the side gives this pony a special touch.

Haute Hat

Never underestimate the power of a black beret or even a chic turban. Be a style leader and protect your hair when you travel with one of these bold looks.

Another tip is to call ahead to your destination to see if they have a blow-dryer you can use. This will save you precious space in your bag. Also, if your hair is naturally oily or fine, make sure to pack some baby powder or dry shampoo. Before you land, brush it through your hair (from roots to ends) to instantly freshen it up.  And ladies, never forget the golden rule for carry-on hair products. When bringing beauty products on the plane, make sure they are 3.4 ounces or smaller!

Are you traveling this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!

Most Requested Celebrity Hair

As 2012 slowly winds down, we here at Patrick Taleb Salon are reflecting on the trends that we have seen this past year. Many of our clients get inspired from their favorite singers, T.V. shows and movies and often bring in photos of celebrities. We’ve rounded up the top five celebrity haircuts and colors our clients can’t seem to get enough of.

Zooey Deschanel

Ms. Deschanel’s retro style is a hit among our clients. Her wide, blunt bangs are currently on trend and her low maintenance vibe makes this an easy choice to copy.


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer’s hair never seems to go out of style. We keep seeing her picture year after year as hair inspiration. Her laid-back California style and perfect golden color makes it easy to see why.


Kim Kardashian

Kim’s sexy style is always popular in sexy South Florida. Our clients love her rich color and soft waves. Kim’s hair is also super shiny and healthy which is obvious why we’d like to emulate it.


Jessica Chastain

The hottest redhead in tinsel town has to be Jessica Chastain. Jessica’s red hair is very natural looking and looks fantastic on our fair skinned clients.


Kate Middleton

The Duchess recently was scene sporting some face-framing bangs and long layers. This classic, easy style is easy to integrate into everyday life.


Who’s your celebrity hairspriation? Let us know in the comments below!

Find Your Perfect Kerastase Treatment for Your Hair Type!

We here at Patrick Taleb Salon are big fans of Kerastase products and we carry a full line in our salon boutique. Even more special, for only $35 we can customize a Kerastase hair treatment to your specific hair type. With all the damage we do to our hair during the holiday season, this is the perfect way to keep your locks fresh and nourished. Here are a few of our favorites!

Kerastase Specifique Masquargil Cleansing Treatment

This powerful cleansing treatment is created specifically for oily hair. This treatment thoroughly dissolves dirt and grease while leaving your hair light, bouncy and full of life!


Kerastase Age Premium Re-Substance Treatment

With age, hair can become less dense, dry and thin. This Kerastase treatment is the first of its kind to revitalize hair by using essential ingredients to reinforce mature hair resulting in stronger, more manageable hair.


Kerastase Resistance Volumorphose Treatment

This treatment was created for fine or damaged hair. It transforms hair, leaving it with tons of texture, shine and durability. The results can last up to 10 shampoos!


From now until December 14th, we are giving away one of these Kerastase treatments when you refer your friends on Facebook to Patrick Taleb Salon! Winning is easy: click here to sign up!

How to Keep Hair Smelling Great All Day Long

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Men and women worry about keeping their hair smelling fresh from day to night. We here are Patrick Taleb Salon know the importance of extending a great blow out. And if you’re extending the time between washes for whatever reason, these tips and tricks should keep your locks smelling delish.

  1. Body Spray & Perfume – Not only are these products useful for your skin, but they can work wonders in your hair. Remember, a little goes a long way and we don’t want to weight down your hair so go easy on the spritz. And at all costs, avoid your roots!
  2. Great Smelling Hair Products – From shampoo, conditioner and after-shower care, hair products now come in a variety of scents. If you’re extending your shampoos, a clean smelling dry shampoo can work wonders. We prefer the clean scent of Kerastase products to keep us smelling fresh.
  3. Dryer Sheets – Pulled an all nighter? In a quick pinch, a fresh smelling dryer sheet can mask the telling smells from the night before.  Just rub it on your hair from root to tip!
  4. Essential Oils – Utilize your favorite essential oil by adding a dab to a Q-tip and running through the length of your hair. Again, a little goes a long way!
  5. Protect from Heat – Always use a heat-activated product when using hot tools on your hair to prevent a burnt smell. A bonus of using a good-smelling heat activated product is the heat seals their smell!

What is your favorite tip for keeping your hair smelling fresh all day long? Let us know in the comments below!